Product Profile

Fly ash brick is an alternative to conventional bricks. The main ingredients of fly ash brick are fly ash (45%), sand/stone dust (40%), lime sludge (10%) and gypsum (5%). Fly ash brick is the result of total formula of these materials (100%). Process for making a fly ash brick is very simple. Fly ash, sand, lime sludge and gypsum are fed manually to a pan mixture, where water is added to a suitable proportion for intimate mixing. The proportion of the raw materials to fly ash strictly depends on the quality of raw materials. The mixture is now shifted to hydraulic presses through a conveyer. And finally the bricks are carried on a pallet truck to an open area where they are dried and water cured for 21 days. Bricks are always tested and sorted before dispatch.
Fly ash bricks are used in building and infrastructure development as an alternate to burnt clay bricks. Due to the current trends of the industry, we present our clients a broad variety of Durable Fly Ash Bricks, we manufacture these fly ash bricks using high score raw material.

These are generally available in different sizes :


  • 8x4x4cm
  • 9x4x3cm
  • 9x6x4cm

Main features of Fly Ash Bricks:

  • Durability
  • Eco friendly
  • Low water absorption
  • Dimensional accurateness
  • Long term strength development
  • Fire Resistant
  • Pest Resistant