Fly Ash Bricks are promoted as an alternative to burnt clay bricks. These bricks are environment friendly cost saving building product. These bricks are three times stronger than conventional bricks with consistent strength. Fly Ash Bricks are ideally suited for internal, external, load bearing and non-load bearing walls. These bricks retain higher strength/ weight ratio in comparison to burnt clay bricks help in designing and constructing stronger yet economic structures. Fly Ash Bricks are Durable, have Low water absorption, Less consumption of mortar, Economical & eco-friendly, Low energy consumption and No emission of green house gases. These bricks are not affected by environmental conditions and remain static thus ensuring longer life of the building. Also, the savings with regard to wastages in fly ash bricks are considerable during unloading and construction due to true shape and size, consistency in quality, and the workability of the fly ash bricks unlike traditional clay bricks. These bricks are very economical / cost effective, nil wastage while transporting and handling.